Setup New Quickbooks Online

Setting up your books correctly is the most important step in bookkeeping. We aim to provide a Quickbooks setup that is suitable for your business model.  Setup includes:

  • Chart of Accounts
  • Sales/Expense
  • Products/Services
  • Bank Feeds and more

Clean Up

Some business owners may fall behind with their bookkeeping. We aim to help you get back on track and develop workflows to maintain updated books.  Cleanup includes:

  • Unreconciled Bank Accounts
  • Undeposited Funds Issues
  • Uncategorized Income
  • Uncategorized Expense and more

Monthly Bookkeeping

We ensure that daily transactions are categorized accurately.  This can be done by perfoming regular monthly Bank Reconciliation.  Monthly Bookkeeping includes:

  • Income & Expense Recording
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Financial Reports
  • Monitor A/R and A/P Accounts

Setup your books the right way

Setting up the books is the most important part of bookkeeping.  If this step is not done correctly, the bookkeeping workflow will not be effective.  Therefore, our aim is to learn about your business model in order to provide your company the best option possible.

Quickbooks Online plans have 4 options which can depend on the needs of the company:

  • Simple Start
  • Essential
  • Plus
  • Advanced.

The choice can be decided upon learning more about the workflow of the company. However, for those who have existing accounts, setup can be reviewed when needed. We can help you setup your:

  • Company Account
  • Customer and Vendor
  • Sales and Expense
  • Products and Services
  • Bank Feeds
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Financial Reports


Let us take care of your messy books

Crunching numbers is not for everyone and sometimes business owners can fall behind in their bookkeeping.  In addition, ineffective bookkeeping workflow and incorrect initial setup of books can lead to the same problem.  These bad practices can lead to messy books which can affect the business in different ways:

  • Late accounts receivable collection
  • Late accounts payable payment
  • Unreconciled bank accounts
  • Inaccurate financial reports
  • Uninformed business decisions

We can help you identify problems in your books by checking:

  • The last bank reconciliation
  • Issues with undeposited funds account
  • Uncategorized Income & Expense

Benefits of outsourcing your monthly bookkeeping

As the owner, you are not required to wear all the hats in the business.  In order for your business to grow, you can delegate or outsource mundane but important tasks.  For instance, some business owners hire virtual assistants to manage their files, email and calendar, to name a few.  Just as these tasks, business owners can outsource their bookkeeping to those who are more experienced.  There are several benefits to outsourcing your bookkeeping:

  • Updated Books
  • Save money by cutting down unnecessary expense
  • Accurate Cash Flow
  • More time to grow your business

Our aim is to help you achieve your goals by taking the following tasks off your hands:

  • Income/Expense daily recording
  • Monitor your accounts receivables and payables
  • Monthly Bank Reconciliation
  • Prepare accurate financial reports for your review